April 11, 2019


Breakout Speakers

Breakout #4 - How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Insurance

Gianluca Antonini

Gianluca Antonini leads the Machine Intelligence & Strategy team in the Digital & Smart Analytics (DSA) unit. The team leads and supports activities in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence fields globally in Swiss Re.

Gianluca coordinates the Group IT function supporting the Swiss Re Group Technology Strategy, helping in interactions with venture capitalists, tech accelerators and academic partners as well as running tech projects with external providers.

Before joining Swiss Re he spent 8 years as senior research scientist at the IBM Zurich Research lab, working actively in data-driven methods applied to operational risk, systemic risk, credit risk, marketing, corporate intelligence, web analytics among the others.

In 2004-2005 Gianluca was a visiting researcher at the MIT Intelligent Transportation Systems lab working on pedestrian behavioral modelling.

He holds a PhD in Computer Vision & Discrete Choice Methods from EPFL, a MSc in Telecommunication Engineering from University of Siena, Italy, and an MBA from the University of Warwick, UK.

Pamela Negosanti

Pamela Negosanti is Global VP of Insurance at Expert System and loves helping companies in executing business transformation.

She has spent the majority of her career in the technology sector gaining experiences in areas such as artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, natural language processing and semantics.

She owns a degree in translating and interpreting with a specialization in computational linguistics. Traveling and languages are her passion.


Breakout #9 - The Surge Toward the Behavioural Toolkit: Applications of Behavioural Economics in Insurance

Melaina Vinski
Melaina is a behavioural economics and behaviour change specialist in PwC's Advisory practice. She has over 10 years of experience in the experimental study of cognitive science and human behaviour, and five years of experience crafting evidence-based solutions for global companies on stakeholder engagement, reputation risk, issues management, and behaviour change.

As the Behavioural Economics Lead for PwC Canada, Melaina is recognized as the firm's leading expert in the design and application of behavioural science to the traditional consulting toolkit across all lines of service and industries in which PwC operates. She holds a degree in cognitive neuroscience, business, and fine art from the University of Guelph, and both a MSc and PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology from McMaster University.


Matthew Lawrence
Matthew Lawrence is a Director in PwC’s Canadian Financial Services Consulting Group and his main area of focus is Corporate Strategy and Operations. Matthew has over 14 years of experience working with insures across the US and Canada and he has recently led numerous projects spanning corporate strategy, channel effectiveness, digital distribution, product development, compensation strategy, process improvement, and operational due diligence.



Breakout #10 - Innovating Life Insurance: The Role of Venture Capitalists InsurTech's

James (Hutch) Moragne
As Palo Alto native, Hutch spent his career in the Silicon Valley tech ecosystem helping start-ups with business/product development and growth marketing, corporates with innovation strategies and tech partnerships, and VCs find investment opportunities. Hutch is part of the founding team at Plug and Play Insurtech, currently the world’s largest insurance innovation platform where he leads corporate partnerships and strategy. Today Hutch specializes in start-up/corporate collaboration in helping industry-leading reinsurers


Jeff Wild
Jeff is an active leader who has been working with carriers on innovative solutions for the last 10 years of his career. Before joining, Jeff led an initiative at Select Medial to marry health and safety programs to reduce health costs, workers comp claims, and both short and long term disability. From there, Jeff joined the team to work with Life Insurance carriers on how to better deliver a customer experience through technology to enable data collection, improve brand loyalty, and increase sales opportunities. Jeff has global experience across Life, Health, and Worker Compensation insurance. Outside of work, Jeff enjoys being actively outdoors with his daughter and dog, traveling, and cooking.


Breakout #11 - The Future of Underwriting

Kevin Oldani
Kevin has over 35 years’ experience in the life insurance underwriting and underwriting management. He has been a manager of both reinsurance and direct company underwriting departments and has established underwriting and work flow practices for specialty markets that include COLI/BOLI, Bank distribution, Simplified issue markets, Accelerated Underwriting programs and others. Kevin is currently Senior Vice President and Chief Underwriter for Hannover Re North America. He is past president of SEHOUA, COLI Directors, IRUA and VP program for the AHOU.


Dr. Cliff Titcomb
With twenty-nine years in the insurance industry, Dr. Cliff Titcomb has written extensively for insurance publications and spoken often at industry meetings. He is board certified in internal medicine and insurance medicine.

A former president of the American Academy of Insurance Medicine, Dr. Titcomb is currently a consultant at Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America where he is involved in research, underwriter education and the development and revision of the Ascent underwriting manual.



#12 - Medical Advances

Robert C. Green, MD, MPH
Robert C. Green, MD, MPH is Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and directs the Genomes2People Research Program in translational genomics and health outcomes at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Broad Institute. He sees patients and conducts empirical research on the medical, behavioral and economic outcomes around the implementation of genomic medicine. With NIH funding, Dr. Green led the first trials disclosing common complex disease risk (REVEAL Study) and the first prospective study of direct-to-consumer genetic testing (PGen Study). He currently leads and co-leads the first randomized trials to explore the implementation of medical sequencing in adults (MedSeq Project) and newborns (BabySeq Project). With support from the Air Force, and in collaboration with military medicine colleagues, he is conducting an exome sequencing implementation study in active duty military personnel (MilSeq Project). Scientific contributions include publication of the first randomized trials to assess the impact of common complex genetic risk markers, empirically measuring the outcomes of DTC genetic testing, design of a variant classification pipeline and single page summary for reporting clinical results of whole genome sequencing. Dr. Green was lead author on the original recommendations for managing incidental findings in clinical sequencing from the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics and led the first published demonstration of aggregate penetrance of genomic variants in an unselected population. He recently published the first randomized trial to assess appropriateness of care and downstream medical costs of whole genome sequencing in primary care.